I did good today and orded a bracelet from childhood.se
If you also want to do good you can do the same.

E & L

It was a pleasure getting to know you Sofia, I will never forget you!

U'r a winner!

It doesn't matter if you win or lose.
You become a winner when you take part in the game.
You're a winner!

Can We Defeat Death?

Death, death, death and some more death and then some more life and then comes death again. Life in the corner and death in the end. Lots of people die everyday and lots of children are born everyday. What if we could change that pattern? I mean if we get the chance to live then we should also get the chance to overcome death. If that happens in the future then I'm willing to fight. What about you?

I'm Sick!

I've been sick and I still am. I hate being sick, I mean who doesn't? I'm sorry that I haven't given you anything new to read about but there will be a change soon,
I promise. I'm going to bed now. God Night!


Music is her boyfriend and he's cheating on her

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