There's no honour in killing

-How can you throw rocks at me my child?
I'm the one who gave birth to you
-Why don't you help me mother?
You always said that you would pretect me
-Father, why won't you make them stop?
Can't you see that I'm bleeding to death
-Husband, I will love you until death does us apart
Did you kill me out of love?

When I look around me I see all of these familiar faces looking at me
Now I know that I never was and I never will be...

Postat av: :(

fy fan vad hemskt!!! kan inte fatta hur man kan göra så här:( mot sitt barn, fru eller mamma..

2010-11-05 @ 12:48:25
Postat av: Anonym

Du är sjukt bra på att skriva! bli författare!!!!!

2010-11-05 @ 19:08:01

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