My X-best friend

We grew up together and we were inseparable - We grew apart from each other
We finished each other's sentences - We stopped talking altogether
We did everything together - We stopped being with each other
We laughed together and cried together - We stopped looking at each other
We were completely, totally in sync - We didn't match anymore
We told each other secrets in the beginning - We told each other lies in the end
We talked on the phone for hours - I forgot  your number and so did you
We were best friends and soulmates - We became strangers

Even though we aint friends no more I still wonder what S does sometimes and how she is. Now I know that S and I never will live next door to each other and grow old together.  But I also know that there are parts of me-parts of me that makes me realise that I'm glad that I've got to know her.


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