Hide and Seek

Your not like the others and that's what makes you so special
I remember when we where younger and when we used to play hide and seek
The greatest part of all wasn't the game it was you
It was what you said right before we started the count down
When you screamed:
-Don't look in the bathroom, because I'll be hiding there

Postat av: Anonym

för bra blogg! förstår dig helt å hållet!

2010-11-04 @ 22:04:53
Postat av: Anonym

det där va det finaste jag någonsin hört! BIG LOVE TO U AND Z!!!!!!:D <3

2010-11-04 @ 22:15:18
Postat av: Miss L

hehehheheheheh....it was a while ago but I remember it.Z was so funny when we were playing hide and seek..and when she used to say "Don't look in the bathroom, because I'll be hiding there"..


2010-11-05 @ 00:43:41

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