Some time ago

Somehow she feelt all alone even though she had everything. One day she asked me if i'm happy and i've told her that I am. Then she asked me if i could teach her and then she walked away crying. I screamed at her why are you crying and what do you want me to teach you? She replied my answear with: - How to get happy! The next day I tried to get in touch with her but she was out of reach. When I saw her a year later I asked her if she found her happines yet? The only answer i've got was a big smile. Right at that moment I knew that this girl made it through, in my eyes she's a winner.
At first, I want you to know that this story is true. I want some of you out there who feels sad and depressed to know that there is a "light". The girl i wrote about is a friend who choose life and not death. She took a fight with her inner self and she won. I think that people should get stronger when it comes to that point. When you live your someone but when you die your no one. So keep on staying strong and never forget that your someone ♥

Postat av: sant

så sant.kul att höra att dig gick bra till slut:)

2011-01-26 @ 01:58:22

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